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AQT, Scientific Director

Sergey Petrovich Grigoryev

Founder and scientific director of the Center for Advanced Quality Tools (AQT), possessor of deep knowledge in the field of innovative scientific management principles of Edwards Deming with unique successful experience in their implementation as a manager Russian manufacturing companies , expert on Statistical Process Control (SPC) methodology, author open solutions and editor scientific articles , lead developer of our software .

More than 20 years of management experience.
Education: higher education, certified engineer.
Graduated from the shipbuilding department of the Higher Naval Engineering Order of Lenin School named after. F. E. Dzerzhinsky (St. Petersburg).

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Understanding systems theory, variability theory using Shewhart control charts and operational definitions, cognitive theory and some knowledge of human psychology at all levels of management, without exaggeration, is of the utmost importance for the competitiveness of Russian industry.

The importance of understanding these laws (theories) for improving quality, increasing the efficiency of production and services cannot be overestimated; they are as important as understanding the laws of aerodynamics if you are designing aircraft.

Many companies claim to have implemented statistical process control tools. At the same time, their attempts to use Shewhart control charts for improvement are unsystematic and fragmented, and in such implementation they often do more harm than good. With very few exceptions, companies trying to improve quality and productivity are treading water, failing to take advantage of the opportunities that full knowledge represents in the areas of understanding the nature of process variability and innovative management techniques offered by Edwards Deming .

"Copying is risky. You need to take on something if you are already savvy in theory."

[2] Edwards Deming, "Overcoming the Crisis"
(W. Edwards Deming, "Out of the Crisis")

Our Center's employees have unique competencies in the areas of introducing Edwards Deming's innovative management style and the effective application of statistical process control (Statistical Process Control, SPC) methods. Without our help, every day your company suffers losses associated with defects and rework, demotivation of employees, uncoordinated work of departments, the size of which significantly exceeds what you can measure or calculate.

There is a widespread belief that it is the quality departments of companies that are responsible for quality.

“Our quality management department deals with all our quality problems” - enterprise management.

“I would study if I could!” - Edwards Deming

[1] One of obstacles to change .

Our methods of quality improvement go far beyond the quality department and, even at a minimal level, include work with senior management (primarily) and the main departments of the company (engineering, purchasing, maintenance, production, quality control, sales). And the complex of knowledge (know how) that we apply in projects allows us to abandon the management system using “carrots and sticks” and is inaccessible to the absolute majority of enterprises and organizations.

Participation of top management of companies in the proposed transformations is a mandatory condition for cooperation. By the way, even the lean manufacturing methodology (from the English lean production, lean manufacturing), based on simple common sense, is faced with a lack of understanding by top management of companies of their key role:

“Meanwhile, in the Lean Community I notice a growing quietism - accepting things as they are, without trying to resist or change them. The emphasis has shifted from lean manufacturing to fundamentally transform an organization, including value stream compression, to small-scale kaizen and training of individuals (usually middle or lower level managers) without necessarily changing the management systems in which they work.”

Article: James Womack's disappointment ,
author of "Lean Production" (lean production, lean manufacturing).

It is important to note that lean production, as the concept of leanness is defined in Russian, is impossible without measures that are well consistent with Edwards Deming's System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK) .

But top management cannot shift its responsibility for quality and efficiency to subordinates.

“No more than 6% of all problems (or opportunities for improvement) in organizations are due to special causes of variation;
thus, they may (but not necessarily!) be in the field of activity of ordinary employees. In this case, top managers account for at least 94% of all the potential improvements to the system in which their employees work.

No control and no level of professional skill of workers will be able to overcome the fundamental defects of the system.”

[2] Edwards Deming, "Overcoming the Crisis"
(W. Edwards Deming, "Out of the Crisis")

We do not offer newfangled tools and methods that are popular because they do not challenge the principles of the dominant management style, and for the same reason are not very effective.

“We need more than that to achieve success: only knowledge can help us imagine what is true and what is false.”

[2] Edwards Deming, "Overcoming the Crisis"
(W. Edwards Deming, "Out of the Crisis")

We offer what leading companies actually need - new knowledge and tools that provide an effective scientific and practical system for developing an action plan and their implementation to guarantee the achievement of true and long-term improvements.

“Studying the maximum possible number of sources of variation that affect the quality of the final product, as well as taking measures to reduce it, should be the daily tasks of managers. Until this is the case, the outdated method of sorting, reworking and re-sorting is guaranteed to lead to lack of progress, low productivity and increasing uncompetitiveness.

Some of the most powerful and effective tools for improving production by reducing variation were the concepts and methods created by Walter Shewhart and developed by William Edwards Deming. They help bring about the changes that are so important to the survival of any company.

Statistical process control is, first of all, a whole worldview, supported by certain methods. It's a way of thinking, and that's what it's all about. Without such thinking, methods are completely useless! Only senior management can highlight the importance of control charts for continuous improvement. If senior management actively supports this, the potential impact of implementing control charts will exceed all expectations!”

[4] Donald Wheeler, Statistical Process Control.
Business optimization using Shewhart control charts"
(Donald J. Wheeler, "Understanding Statistical Process Control")

Everything you will get acquainted with on this site is our way of thinking, views on modern management and is confirmed by management practice and the Center’s team’s own scientific research.

Since 2008, we have been professionally engaged in work in the field of innovative methods for managing complex business systems, improving quality using statistical process control tools and, as a result, increasing the business efficiency of our clients.

As leaders in the field of Edwards Deming management methods, we disseminate the results of our research and development not only to our clients, but also publish them publicly on our website to promote continuous learning for as many companies as possible.

The Scientific Director of the Center has unique experience in implementing fundamental changes in the role of manager of Russian manufacturing companies in order to significantly increase economic efficiency and create an environment of cooperation, using scientific principles of management formalized by Edwards Deming and methods of statistical process control (Statistical Process Control, SPC).

Eastern wisdom says that deep meaning is not immediately comprehended. And this has a direct bearing on Edwards Deming’s management methods.

Edwards Deming's fundamental scientific principles are universal. They are applicable both for banks and large businesses, and for small enterprises and organizations; successfully work in industry, service sector, healthcare, sports, education, insurance, trade, security systems, public administration, etc.

The practical methods used by our team to improve systems, processes, and technological operations are based on systems and statistical thinking, an understanding of the fundamentals of cognitive theory and some knowledge in the field of psychology. Constant study of theory, our own research and analysis of practical application in Russian companies under the guidance of the scientific director of the Center provides us with the opportunity to hone the strength of our arguments and the depth of our judgments.


We offer assistance in starting the Deming chain reaction:

Improve quality

Costs will be reduced due to fewer errors, rework and delays, as well as better use of machine time and materials.

Productivity will increase

Capture the market by offering better quality at a lower price

Stay in business

Save and increase the number of jobs

[2] Chain Reaction, Edwards Deming (Deming's Chain Reaction)

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“S.P.! I regularly look at your site, because I don’t know anything even close to the level of understanding of Deming-Shewhart’s ideas on the Russian-language Internet. Thank you for this educational activity.”

- V. L. Shper, Ph.D.
(from personal correspondence and with permission).

V. L. Shper - scientific co-editor of books translated into Russian from bibliographies our website:
[1] Henry R. Neave, The Deming Dimension;
[2] Edwards Deming, Out of the Crisis / W. E. Deming, Out of the Crisis;
[3] Edwards Deming, Management of the New Time / W. E. Deming, The New Economics for Industry, Government, Education;
[4] Donald Wheeler, David Chambers, Statistical Process Control. Business optimization using Shewhart control charts / Donald J. Wheeler, Understanding Statistical Process Control.

Sergey Petrovich Grigoryev constantly maintains personal contact with Donald Wheeler (USA), one of the world's leading authorities in the field of statistical process control and applied data analysis, author of the best-selling book Understanding Statistical Process Control from the paragraph above. Our website publishes in translation the most interesting articles in the field of practical application of Shewhart control charts, kindly provided to us by Donald Wheeler. In the software we developed “Shewhart control charts PRO-Analyst +AI (for Windows, Mac, Linux)” uses data analysis techniques recommended by Dr. D. Wheeler that you will not find in other Statistical Process Control (SPC) software.

Since March 2022, we have provided free access to all open solutions on our website.